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CHAD "Child Has An Identity"
2007-2008 Officers
CHAD "Child Has An Identity"
Juniorette Youth Volunteer Program
Juniorette Youth Volunteer Program
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Making sure all children have emergency identification.

Over 4000 stickers have been distributed.


Front:  Lori Nacca (Vice President) 
Back left to right:  Zenia Lockwood (Past President), Cindy Pol (Babies R Us Coordinator) and Natile Bennettson (customer during event)



introduces to you

The C.H.A.D. Program

Making sure all children have emergency identification



The CHAD safety seat child identification program was developed because of a traffic crash involving a 13-month-old boy named Chad.  The babysitter who was driving was killed.  Chad was injured, but no one at the scene could determine his identity.  Only because an emergency room nurse recognized him could the parents be quickly notified and his injuries be treated.


To ensure rapid identification of children in emergencies, parents, and guardians of small children are encouraged to fill out the information on the sticker and place it on the right front corner (child’s right), under the cushion or center back of the child’s safety seat.


TPA posts throughout the nation distribute these stickers to local police, emergency medical services, pre-schools, PTA groups, pediatric wards fro newborns, day care centers, and any other organization interested in the safety of children.


TPA posts educate emergency personnel in their communities about the CHAD stickers so that they know to look for one when a child is involved in an accident.  There are no TPA posts in CT, so the West Haven Junior Woman’s Club, with the help of Connecticut Junior Women, would like your help to introduce this program in the state.


If you would like to obtain a supply of these stickers please call, write, or email the TPA.  Costs of these stickers are a minimal, about 3 cents each.  Distribute the stickers with a letter describing the program to your local PTA’s, day care centers, hospitals, police, ambulance and any other organization you feel is interested in child safety.  Thank you for your help.   If you have any questions, please contact Lori or Zenia of West Haven Junior Woman at (203) 982-7003 or email or check our local website at




Dan Fallan                                              West Haven Junior Woman’s Club

Texas Division                                         Post Office Box 126

Post Office Box 1326                             West Haven, CT  06516

Euless, TX  76039-1326               





A special thank you to Tolland Juniors for this great program.